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Word Spreading on the Street & Rooftops About Soursop/Graviola/Guanabano



Disclaimer: Do not change or discontinue any medication
or treatment without consulting your physician.
These statements have not been evaluated by the
US Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Drink at your own risk and let your
healthcare professional know what alternative
health remedies you are considering
before drinking any herbs or using any plant leaf as a food, tea or remedy!
EXPERIMENT: USA Consensus Study Reading The Number#1 Ranked Online Superfood Store is TheMoringaQueen.Com from Eric Plott on Vimeo.
Jina • 2 months ago

I have a friend,her husbands sister has a cancer and doctor told she will leave for 2 months maximum. She started taking guanabana and she lives now for 4 years. i think scientists do not want us to know about that fact because they making money on us.They need people to be sick. Don’t you guys recognize when you go to see the dentist . they always make your feelings very big on purpose because next time you will come back for crown and then for implant. What we eat all meat has antibiotics and hormones. they need sick people. Doctors work for pharmacy and it all comes from the top. Can you imagine if we know how to treat cancer , would you go to see oncologist ….they will lose money and its all about money. In Italy, one scientist came with discover how baking soda treats intestine cancer and they put him in jail. Everybody make money . You go to see a doctor and they make you believe you are sick ;they want to give you medicine;each prescription costs money.My bf survived after stroke we came to the neurologist because he had to continue with antiseizure medicine and that doctor prescribed one more medicine and after we found out what is that second medicine we were schoked..our friend he is a doctor he said he is giving that to the insane patients. I do not trust our doctors.. I do a lot of research before I take medicine…

*Sickofthiscrapalready* • 4 months ago Experts are always going to say herbal remedies are not safe because they spend money on all this research and want their money back. Since I have been drinking sour sop tea I have felt much better then I have ever felt. I purchased the capsules from TheMoringaQueen.Com, open them up and make a tea out of them. I have also been taking Turmeric (also purchased from PlottPalmTrees.Com ) that is also excellent for over all health. Needless to say I haven’t taken any over-the-counter medication in a year. Beside all these so-called medications have more side effects then cures. Chad O’keefe Enrique Alvarez Jr. • 5 months ago companies have tried to synthetically reproduce the graviola but it didn’t have the same effect;therefore they can’t patent it because it is a natural product. so yea, that’s pretty much the reason. I mean look at how much they spend on trying things that don’t even work. This has already been proven to work.

Pam • 7 days ago “The NCI or the National Cancer Institute did some research on the guanabana cancer cure [sic] and came up with some interesting results. The study….showed that the leaves and stems of the plant were incredibly efficient at destroying certain cancerous cells in the body.”


Jason Matthews • 14 days ago
Mysteriously though this research was only even published in an internal report.Christopher Lane, Ph.D., said in an article in Psychology Today “Inexplicably, the results [of the NCI research] were published in an internal report and never released to the public. Since 1976, guanabana has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, but as of now, no double-blind clinical trials.”

Does soursop cure cancer?

Dear Eric PlottPalmTrees Farm,Is with great pleasure and admiration that I address these few lines to you in appreciation as to the manner in which you received us at your humble place of business on a very difficult Sunday for us after having traveled 320 miles one way, and I say gladly! Because only a person like you (Eric Plott) with such moral values, integrity, knowledge and a profound heart could have only been there to welcome us that Sunday with a personal call from your 800 number. After you had learned the day before regarding our family tragedy involving our two and half year old grandnephew who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Upon showing us the website information on Soursop plants & Moringa you had separated for us very thoughtfully, and instructed us as to the care of such along with a Moringa Miracle Tree, and a (Soursop) tea plant. You had the kindest gesture in presenting us with a Miracle Box which initially changed our lives forever! This was done in a most humble way two persons could have only done so. Only true friends like you would have done something so commendable.Well, let me say my dear friends that with God’s help, Moringa and constant Soursop leaves tea bags (You) handmade (from) your nursery produced plants and given to Andrew he has began using his left arm and is not dragging his left leg anymore. The best news is that the tumor has shrunk dramatically according to the last MRI. Our stomach issues have improved 80%+ from the Moringa and we no longer have been taking Omeprazole 40 mg. or Zantac 150 for the acid reflux or gastritis! I am convinced now that this small but giant nursery is not only Plott‘s Blessed Nursery but also God’s Pharmacy!
In closing the plants are doing wonderful as instructed by you.Eric Plott, God has put his blessed hands in you to have the knowledge in plants and there benefits, hope you continue to used it as you have been for the benefit of all. Proudly accept this letter and display it in your business with the utmost pride and honor. I remain always your friend. Sincerely, F. Lorie Spring Hill, Florida BELOW FLIP THROUGH THE PICTURES AND READ THE DESCRIPTIONS- HEAR WHAT REAL PEOPLE ARE SAYING WITH THEIR TRUE TESTIMONIALS- Will Blow Your Mind!

Jaclyn • 2 months ago

Everything that doesn’t make money and cures people is advised against… Albert Florence • 2 months ago There is much more money to be made in treating the symptoms of cancer than there is in producing a cure. Do not expect a cure for cancer in your lifetime. That would not be good for Big Money.

Jaclyn • 2 months ago

This is a disgusting attempt for this dirty organization to hide the power of guanabana because cancer drug companies can not patent it. In fact there were extensive studies done on this fruit and its effect on cancer cells, there were 10 years of studies done!!! and where are those studies now? ask the money hungry leaches that run this organization! All they want is for people to spend money on harmful drugs and surgeries. They do not actually care about Human life. oyo • 2 months ago I grew up in asia and had eat this fruits and never have any problem at all.I wish i know about this fruit more when i was young.I didn’.t realize this fruit benefit better than a medicine

mecca01 • 7 months ago

I’ve been using soursop and found that, My A1C levels have improved. Billie Tisdell Gonzalez • 3 months ago When I first graduated as a nurse in 1978, I was amazed about the number of people that had been admitted to the hospital with unknown fever or fatigue, ended up being diagnosed with cancer. At that time, the only treatment were experimental drugs, which required a signed authorization before the patient could be treated. I’ve been living in South America for the last 30 years and to be honest I’ve only known of a small number of people who have been diagnosed, treated or have died grom cancer. Diet supposively has a big influence on whether or not you get cancer, and if that’s the case, guanabana, being a big part of their diet, whether it’s drinking the juice, or eating ice cream regularly, could prove that it not only cures but prevents cancer. Maybe they should study the countries that consumes guanabana regularly in their diet to see what the % of people has been diagnosed wirh this terrible disease! Laura Jonas • 5 months ago Yes lets tell patients not to eat or drink soursop because then your company would loose money treating cancer patients. This is why we cannot get the fruit in America. Big business have made sure the government bans importation of it…after all, all the doctors, hospitals, and drug companies only make money if people get and stay sick longer. The natural fruit is the strongest. We can get tea and juice in America. George Vreeland Hill • 7 months ago I believe that MoringaSOP can cure cancer and other diseases right now, but doing so would cost the medical industry billions and billions of dollars. They need people to be sick so they can profit.
SCIENTISTS HAVE DISCOVERED … that extracts from Guyabano or Graviola Tree called “annonaceous acetogenins” are found to be Anti-Cancer & Anti-Tumor. Guyabano Natural Cure For Cancer A miraculous natural cure for cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than the leading commonly used chemotherapeutic drug NO MORE PAINFUL & EXPENSIVE CHEMO Feeling very weak and drained up, Emilia Sorne suddenly lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital in 1998. Complaining of severe constipation for several months, Emilia’s abdominal X-Ray revealed she had Stage 3 of rectosigmoid carcinoma or colon cancer. More testimonials below. THE PLAIN TRUTH VS. CANCER LIES Biggest Lie: Conventional medicine, i.e. surgery, radiation, and chemo, can cure your cancer   The Plain Truth According to Gordon Zubrod, M.D., (a researcher for the US National Cancer Institute), chemotherapy is considered to be highly effective only in these cancers: Burkitt’s lymphoma Choriocarcinoma Acute lymphocytic leukemia Hodgkin’s disease Lymphosarcoma Embryonal testicular cancer Wilms’ Tumor Ewing’s sarcoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Retinoblastoma *** These cancers affect very few people. If your cancer is not on the list, you’re being killed for profit. “Cancer Makes You Very Poor Before You Die”   CHEMO, SURGERY, RADIATION = PAIN & LOSS 75% Of Physicians in The World Refuse Chemotherapy for Themselves Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects on the entire body and the Immune System, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be “life extending,” yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer.   Good News! FIRST Guyabano is Perfect … as Natural Cure For Cancer The Guyabano (soursop) fruit comes from the Graviola Tree. Research shows extracts from this miraculous tree may be possible to: + Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss + Effectively target and kill malignant cells in all types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer + Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infection + Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment + Boost your energy and improve your outlook in life The Sour Sop or the fruit from the Graviola Tree is a miraculous natural cure for cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than the leading commonly used chemotherapeutic drug! And unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells!

The Guyabano (Soursop) and
It’s Acetogenins: Includes the ff: * How ACETOGENIN Extracts from Guyabano Kill Cancer Cells * Facts Your Doctor (Oncologist) Can’t Ignore About ANNONACEOUS ACETOGENINS A lot of useful links about Cancer included.

mari424 • 7 months ago The results from a 1976 research showed that Graviola’s “leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cancer cells”. The results were never made public. At the end of the nineties one of the Scientists who was part of one of the research teams broke the silence about the Cancer Cure and reports were accessible for the medicine world. My question now is why was the public not aware of this? I’ll tell you why because there was no profit to gain by these companies. Pharmaceutical companies are in for the money, not my health nor yours. So, why should I believe this now? Pharmaceutical companies are still trying to come up with a synthetic version of the soursop, guanabana, graviola. Now this is where they will make their $.

Natural Cure For Cancer cure for cancer MORINGA-SOP Booster Pack
Guyabano (Soursop) + Mixed Moringa Blend
(Malungay Olifera) The Sour Sop (Guyabano) or the fruit from

Natural Cure For Cancer

cure for cancer

MORINGA-SOP Booster Pack

the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cure for cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo.
The Annonaceous Acetogenins
cure for cancer

The idea that graviola is an effective cancer fighter stems from a research

(published in 2008) conducted at the Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy

and Pharmaceutical Sciences on the unique substances known as

annonaceous acetogenins that have been extracted from the graviola tree.

The Purdue investigators found these substances to be potent inhibitors of cancer

cells while leaving normal cells alone. They also found the compounds to be

effective against drug-resistant cancer cells.

Study Abstract: The “Annonaceous Acetogenins” are promising new antitumor

agents that are found only in the plant family Annonaceae. Chemically, they are

derivatives of long-chain fatty acids. Biologically, they exhibit their potent

bioactivities through depletion of ATP levels via inhibiting complex I of

mitochondria and inhibiting the NADH oxidase of plasma membranes of tumor cells.

Thus, they thwart ATP-driven resistance mechanisms. More info

Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cure for cancer

in 20 independent laboratory tests.

Evidences of the astounding effectiveness of Graviola came in fast and furious …

… The National Cancer Institute performed the first scientific research in 1976.

The results showed that Graviola’s “leaves and stems were found effective in

attacking and destroying malignant cells.” Inexplicably, the results were published

in an internal report and never released to the public …

… Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cure for cancer

in 20 independent laboratory tests, yet no double-blind clinical trials –

the typical benchmark mainstream doctors and journals use to judge a treatment’s

value – were ever initiated …

A study published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a recent study

conducted at Catholic University of South Korea stated that “one chemical in

Graviola was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at “10,000 times the potency

of (the commonly used chemotherapy drug) Adriamycin …”

… The most significant part of the Catholic University of South Korea report is that

Graviola was shown to selectively target the cancer cells,

leaving healthy cells untouched.

Unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately targets all actively reproducing cells

(such as stomach and hair cells), causing the often devastating side effects

of nausea and hair loss in cancer patients.

… A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree

killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially

effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers …


Ti Engel • 7 months ago What I find funny about this is that almost every drug we take has serious side effects such as renal failure, heart palpitations, fatigue, tremors, heart attacks and CANCER. Yet because it might take money away from the medical and pharmaceutical companies they are not willing to do clinical trials. That tells me they truly believe this could be a cure or whatever! It amazes me that this was done in 1997 and has been kept under raps. It also amazes me that we can put a man on the moon yet cannot be further in our fight of cancer. Pharmaceuticals: Let’s treat cancer…we will make money…Cure it and we lose. Seems pretty cut and dried to me Dolly Muñoz Bankston • 6 months ago To publish that drinking guanábana aka graviola juice is dangerous and can cause parkinson like symptoms is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made. Millions of people drink this juice everyday around the world with absolutely no side effect just like millions drink orange juice.

Let it also be clarified that the leaf of the graviola tree is actually the most beneficial to help fight against cancer. My mother was diagnosed with cancer last December. I traveled to Puerto Rico were she lives to help take care of her. While on the island a lifelong friend and her husband told me how they were cured of cancer by drinking teas made from the leaves. My mother had already begun chemo but the tumor in her abdomen was growing at an alarming rate (they had removed it during surgery in December). She began taking the teas while also going through chemo. During her last visit to the doctor, the doctor was surprised to find that the tumor had stopped growing and was actually shrinking in size. I firmly believe the teas have made the difference. My mother is not the only person whom I know has benefited from the tea of the graviola leaves. Last year a 33 year old acquaintance was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. She began drinking the teas and 2 months later the doctors could not find a trace of cancer in her body. She is now a healthy young lady. Today when I got home from work my neighbor was outside her home crying and gave me the news that her husband had just passed away (cancer). He was only 55. He was a great man and everyone loved him dearly. He certainly will be missed. If only I had known when he was first diagnosed 2 years ago what I know now maybe he would have had a fighting chance. People in the medical business who are lying and discrediting what is totally safe and natural to eat and drink will have to answer someday to the One who created this wonderful tree. As for me, my conscience will not allow me to keep silent about what I now know. Dolly Muñoz Orlando, FL

Maddy Sotomayor • a month ago I grew up in Puerto Rico, eating this fruit straight from the tree, used it for juices and desserts. My mom used the leaves for tea, no harm. From my own experience, it made us healthier. Like anything else, use precaution if the fruit has any contraindications to any medications you are taking. My view, pharmaceuticals are there to make $$. Yes they do help control ailments, but not cure them. It is rare to hear a medical professional say go home, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, enjoy nature and avoid processed foods. Instead they take out their prescription pad and give you all sorts of toxins. I prefer a more holistic approach. I grew up planting and eating our own vegetables, not so much meat. When I moved to the US our diet and environment changed. My health changed. I was a slave to my inhaler. My point here is Nature has the tools to make us healthy, but the greedy hands always find a way to profit from it. Who funded the study? Probably a pharmaceutical who does not want people to know the truth. Paul • 9 months ago My good friend just told me he drinks 8 oz of soursop juice a day and it is reducing his cancer and he expects it to be given a clean bill of health at his next visit to the doctor. Hey, if it works, it sounds a lot better than conventional therapy which is hit and miss as far as I can see, and then a lot of times the cancer comes back it seems.



MoringaSOP ™ + Parabox
Liliane Louis • 7 months ago I have a sour sop tree in my back yard. Thanks God. I had lung cancer three years ago, received chemo, lost hair and energy. Now with the cure of sour sop, it is different; I have more energy and feel very good. I keep extra fruits in the freezer. I also drink the tea. george david morris sj84 • 22 days ago Drug companies make 300,000.00 off of every cancer person.There is a cure but they can make trillions,Wont let it happen.Cure it and millions are out of a job. Bishnujee Singh I had tried on my mom who has been down with gall bladder cancer and doctors who treated her in advance stages of cancer advised that she could not survive more than 2-3 weeks.So we tried Moringasop capsule ,now she is doing much better and responding well after 4 months.Definitely it’s proving to be correct decision from our side,even though we were have little choice of doing anything different.


What is the fruit juices and extract powders in THE FAMOUS MORINGASOP BOX?Soursop Guabana NATURAL HEALTH DRINK- FREEZE… Posted by Eric Plott on Friday, May 15, 2015

Eric Plott feeling pumped with Rhonda Plott and 48 others at Plott Palm Trees
What is the fruit juices and extract powders in THE FAMOUS MORINGASOP BOX? Soursop Guabana NATURAL HEALTH DRINK- FREEZE DRIED FRUIT: The Guyabano (Soursop) Fruit comes from Graviola Tree Research That Shows Extract From This Miraculous Tree May Be Possible to do the following: •attack Cancer Safely And Effectively With An All-Natural Therapy That Does Not Cause Extreme Nausea, Weight Loss And Hair Loss. •Protect Your Immune System And Avoid Deadly Infection. •Feel Stronger And Healthier Throughout The Course Of The Treatment. •Boost Your Energy And Improve Your Outlook on Life •Effectively Target and Kill malignant cells in 12 types of Cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancer…as well as others.
The soursop Or The Fruit From The Graviola tree is a Miraculous Natural cancer Cell Killer 10,000 Times Stronger Than The Leading Commonly used Chemotherapeutic drug! And Unlike Chemotherapy, the compound extracted From The Graviola Tree Selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells, it does not harm healthy cells! Further enhanced by selected Premium leaves of Moringa, corchorus, Capsicum, Amaranthus and lpomoea, to aid in meeting Your Daily Requirements of Vitamins, minerals micronutrients and antioxidants and immunity enhancing phytochemicals. Guaranteed to provide you the extra energy boost, protection from stress and maintenance of wellness, wholeness and well-being.   NaturalFreeze Dried Guyabano (Soursop) Extract Powder, POWER HERBS: MORINGA, CORCHORUS, CAPSICUM, AMARANTHUS, IPOMOEA. •INGREDIENTS: MORINGASOP BOX: •RAW FRESH SOURSOP FRUIT HERE: •Do I Need My Supplements If I Am Taking Moringa? •Don’t believe us read our studies and testimonials:
CANCER CURED! Read Proof…MoringaSOP (Moringa+ Soursop) Is It Safe? You Be The Judge. ~E.G.Plott~ My MoringaSOP Story November 12, 2012 at 8:12amI have experienced incredible results with Moringasop and I would like to share my success story with you. When I was first introduced to Moringasop I decided to give it a try because of the beneficial nutritional properties of Moringa. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at a young age. I spent years researching the benefits of vitamins and whole food diets. When I first learned of Morninga I realized this amazing product has all of the nutrients our bodies need. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 19 years old. There were days when I would have severe flare ups and missed out on many events in my life due to pain. I had been taking steroids for my condition for the past 20 years. After two months on Moringasop my symptoms disappeared completely and I have now been off the steroids and continue to be symptom free since January 2011. In the process of taking Moringasop and stopping steroids I have lost 15 lbs. I feel great and have more energy now than ever before. Moringasop has done wonderful things for me and I am excited about the testimonials I hear everyday from others taking the products. I am a Holistic Nutritionist certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I have been using Moringasop with my clients whom have also experienced tremendous. I am currently finishing my Doctorate of Health and Wellness Psychology and will soon be writing my dissertation on the amazing benefits of Moringa. My Moringasop business is growing rapidly and is my ticket to financial freedom. My wish is to help as many people as possible by spreading the word on Moringa “The Tree of Life”.

~ Jenn R.

What Is MoringaSOP PLOTTPALMTREES.COM from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

S. G. Damle
An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is CCD-6-3-g001.jpg
Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world. Despite the estimated high death rates as a result of cancer, it is mostly a preventable disease. Due to their safety, low toxicity, antioxidant properties, and general acceptance as dietary supplements, fruits, vegetables, and other dietary elements (phytochemicals and minerals) are being investigated for the prevention of cancer. Extensive research over the past several decades has identified numerous dietary and botanical natural compounds that have chemopreventive potential. Researchers have successfully identified a small molecule that resets the “biological clock” of cancer cells and can play an important role in shrinking tumor growth and pave the way for a new therapy to treat cancer.

Botanical and nutritional compounds have been used for the treatment of cancer throughout history. These compounds also may be useful in the prevention of cancer. Population studies suggest that a reduced risk of cancer is associated with high consumption of vegetables and fruits. Thus, in the treatment modality of cancer the chemopreventive potential of naturally occurring phytochemicals is of great interest. There are numerous reports of cancer chemopreventive activity of dietary botanicals, including cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, Alliums vegetables such as garlic and onion, green tea, Citrus fruits, soybeans, tomatoes, berries, and ginger, as well as medicinal plants. Several lead compounds, such as genistein (from soybeans), lycopene (from tomatoes), brassinin (from cruciferous vegetables), sulforaphane (from asparagus), indole-3-carbinol (from broccoli), and resveratrol (from grapes and peanuts) are in preclinical or clinical trials for cancer chemoprevention. Phytochemicals have great potential in cancer prevention because of their safety, low cost, and oral bioavailability.

Another interesting findings, it has been reported that the scientists are targeting cell’s “biological clock” in order to find a way to get rid of cancer cells.

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers found that a small molecule 6-thio-2’-deoxyguanosine (6-thiodG) could stop the growth of cancer cells in culture and decrease the growth of tumors in mice, and have targeted telomeres with 6-thiodG, which takes advantage of the cell’s “biological clock” to kill cancer cells and shrink tumor growth.

Dr. Jerry W Shay, Professor and Vice Chairman of Cell Biology at UT Southwestern, said that they observed broad efficacy against a range of cancer cell lines with very low concentrations of 6-thiodG, as well as tumor burden shrinkage in mice.

6-thio-2’-deoxyguanosine acts by targeting a unique mechanism that is thought to regulate how long cells can stay alive, a type of the aging clock. This biological clock is defined by DNA structures known as telomeres, which cap the ends of the cell’s chromosomes to protect them from damage, and which become shorter every time the cell divides. Once telomeres have shortened to a critical length, the cell can no longer divide and dies though a process known as apoptosis.

Cancer cells are protected from this death by an RNA-protein complex called telomerase, which ensures that telomeres do not shorten with every division. Telomerase has, therefore, been the subject of intense research as a target for cancer therapy. Drugs, that successfully block its action, have been developed, but these drugs have to be administered for long periods of time to successfully trigger cell death and shrink tumors, leading to considerable toxicities. This outcome is partially because cells in any one tumor have chromosomes with different telomere lengths and anyone cell’s telomeres must be critically shortened to induce death.

6-thio-2’-deoxyguanosine is preferentially used as a substrate by telomerase and disrupts the normal way cells maintain telomere length. Because 6-thiodG is not normally used in telomeres, the presence of the compound acts as an “alarm” signal that is recognized by the cell as damage. As a result, the cell stops dividing and dies.

Telomerase is an almost universal oncology target, yet there are few telomerase-directed therapies in human clinical trials, researchers noted.

Importantly, unlike many other telomerase-inhibiting compounds, the researchers did not observe serious side effects in the blood, liver, and kidneys of the mice that were treated with 6-thiodG.

In another interesting finding in the nature cure. The incredible story behind the Graviola, a clustered fruits comes from a tree in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Annona muricata. It is also known as custard apple, cherimoya, guanabana, soursop and Brazilian paw. The active ingredient is thought to be a type of plant compound (phytochemical) called annonaceous acetogenins. This tree is low and is called Graviola/guyabano! In Brazi, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name “soursop” in English. The fruit is very large, and the subacid sweet white pulp is eaten out of hand or, more commonly, used to make fruit drinks, sherbets.

The principal interest in this plant is because of its strong anticancer effects. Although it is effective for a number of medical conditions, it is its anti-tumor effect that is of the most interest. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types.

Besides being a cancer remedy, Graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders.

Overall, there is no full proof evidence to show that Graviola works as a cure for cancer. In laboratory studies, Graviola extracts can kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs. Hence, we don’t know yet whether it can work as a cancer treatment or not.

The extract is basically used to treat infections with viruses or parasites, rheumatism, arthritis, depression, and sickness. It is confirmed from research that some Graviola extracts can help to treat these conditions. In many countries, people use the bark, leaves, root, and fruits of this tree for traditional remedies.

The truth is stunningly simple: Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that could literally revolutionize what we and the rest of the world think about cancer treatment and chances of survival. Or it’s an herbal natural way or by targeting cell’s “biological clock” in order to find a way to get rid of cancer cells. It is important to realize that the future has never looked more promising. Footnotes


1. González-Gallego J, García-Mediavilla MV, Sánchez-Campos S, Tuñón MJ. Fruit polyphenols, immunity and inflammation. Br J Nutr. 2010;104(Suppl 3):S15–27. [PubMed]
2. Orsollae N, Basae I, Govil JN, Singh VK, Govil JN, Arunahcalam C. Cancer chemoprevention by Propolis and its poly phenolic compounds in experimental manuals. Phytochem Pharmacol. 2007;III:55–117.
3. Reddy L, Odhav B, Bhoola KD. Natural products for cancer prevention: A global perspective. Pharmacol Ther. 2003;99:1–13. [PubMed]
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5. Paul J, Gnanam R, Jayadeepa RM, Arul L. Anti cancer activity on Graviola, an exciting medicinal plant extract vs various cancer cell lines and a detailed computational study on its potent anti-cancerous leads. Curr Top Med Chem. 2013;13:1666–73. [PubMed]

Soursop Fruit 100 Times Stronger At Killing Cancer Than Chemotherapy

About Soursop THEMORINGAQUEEN.COM by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com

The Soursop is a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It also contains a long, prickly green fruit which happens to kill cancer up to 10,000 times more effectively than strong chemotherapy drugs, all without the nasty side effects and without harming healthy cells. The fruit’s extracts from Annona muricata tree selectively inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells. According to Cancer Research UK, Annona muricata is an active principle in an herbal remedy marketed under the brand name Triamazon. The licensing for this product in the UK is not accepted due to its enormous healing effects on the body and potential loss of profits for competing pharmaceutical cancer drugs. This tree is low and is called graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name “soursop” in English. The fruit is very large and the subacid sweet white pulp is eaten out of hand or, more commonly, used to make fruit drinks and sherbets. Besides being a cancer remedy, graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders. Deep within the Amazon Rainforest, this tree grows wild and could literally revolutionize what you, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and chances of survival. Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to: * Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss * Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections * Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment * Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of America’s largest drug manufacturers, the fruit of over 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970’s. What those tests revealed was nothing short of mind numbing…Extracts from the tree were shown to: * Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer. * The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug! * What’s more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells! The amazing anti-cancer properties of the Graviola tree have been extensively researched–so why haven’t you heard anything about it? The drug industry began a search for a cancer cure and their research centered on Graviola, a legendary healing tree from the Amazon Rainforest. It turns out the drug company invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize two of the Graviola tree’s most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. If they could isolate and produce man-made clones of what makes the Graviola so potent, they’d be able to patent it and make their money back. Alas, they hit a brick wall. The original simply could not be replicated. There was no way the company could protect its profits “or even make back the millions it poured into research. As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt. Even worse, the company shelved the entire project and chose not to publish the findings of its research!

As far as the fruit goes, there is only one online source of the SOURSOP FRUIT HERE. There are several different soursop juice manufacturers, distrubutors and suppliers worldwide, THE NUMBER#1 RANKED TRUSTED & SOLID COMPANY CAN BE FOUND HERE. Caution would be warranted in purchasing from any company unless you have researched their reputability and extraction methods. TheMoringaQueen.Com was ranked #1 by Google analysis research©2015 and Stik review online; as well as WEBRUPTION.COM giving PlottPalmTrees.Com a 100% for online safety and satisfaction guaranteed services.


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